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Our office provides consulting services to for-profit and non-profit businesses.  Let us be your partner to strengthen your organization.  


For businesses:

Why aren’t I making more money?  Do I need a business license?  Can I pay cash to my workers?  Why do I have to have workers compensation insurance?  How do I pay myself?  Can’t I just do what I do best?  Do I need to be a corporation?  A partnership?

Whether you haven’t started your business yet or have been in business for 20 years, we approach each client, each idea, as a possibility of becoming a more successful business.  Let us partner with you.

For non-profits:

How do we form a nonprofit?  Can I work for the nonprofit?  What is a Board of Directors and why do I need one?  How do we report our income and expenses?  Why do I have to register with the Attorney General’s Office?  What are my reporting responsibilities?

We have helped dozens of non-profit organizations throughout the Central Coast from formation to dissolution.  Let us partner with you.

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